Naseeruddin Shah admiration

An excellent, tasteful and beautiful movie. Gone are the days when movies were storytelling and less instagram goals. Going back to those meaningful days with a classy and natural verve of acting by an actor had I known to be so good, I would’ve worshipped him, and maybe now I will. Natural, classy, tasteful and meaningful in every action and word that he says, Naseeruddin Shah is someone I hadn’t known to be an actor class unparelleled to what I have seen him, in this classy and Indian-esque movie. Playing an eccentric nomad with dope cooking skills, Naseeruddin outclasses everything in the movie, and he’s not someone stardom has struck well, he may just be the person for the art. A perfect mentor for me because that is what I want, to create something unparellel to something not seen before and become a personality that can carry off a beautiful accent and character in his art.

Reviewed positively all over the web, I knew this movie will take me to a happy place when I started watching, and the person who literally stole the screen has given me a new perspective to his personality. I am a Naseeruddin Shah fan no!!. The way he carried himself with his character, played it to what it would be naturally, said the words that needed saying and in the most perfect of facial expressions and tone that needed the words. A classy but yet acceptable Indo-American accent, could not have been carried off by someone who has done mass media and has stopped interacting with people and stopped living. It somehow makes me recall an image shared by my chacha’s friend that encapsulates the definition of success. A creative with two visuals, one of a person whos stuck in a horrendous traffic jam in his beautiful and luxurious Bentley and the other visual of a person in a clean and beautiful surrounding cycling away in the sun. Naseeruddin Shah is the second person for me now.


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