Immaterial materialism

Materialistic means and possession of items means more than owning a life. Are we just going towards a lifestyle of possession of objects that would define our lifestyle and our stature in life? When my family and my near and dear ones come to me to tell about their recent purchases, with a feeling of stature and dominance, Im not so sure how to react to a conversation of the sorts. One thing that does pinch me in this whole scenario when  the act is on,  that I am not able to spend acquiring these items of splendour and vanity. Whether its a UHD television or whether its a new coffee machine or vacuum cleaner, I know that I have kept her devoid of such things, but knowing how she is and where she comes from, she pains from the inside and keeps it calm on the outside. I know that. It pinches me so much that I flinch.

I vowed to create and make my creations my worth. What can I create that could be worth so much that it pays for all the vanity in the world. Even tonight when I will meet my friends, I know it’ll be the same. It’ll be the same all over again, a system of acquisition and purchases that defines the person and his stature. I’m not quite sure that was taught to me by anyone, neither my dad or his dad before him, but they do practice this day-in and out and have learnt to accept that immaterial materialism.

I as a person am not able to deal with it. I cannot deal with a lifestyle driven by purchases and acquisition. The question that I ask myself is that once sometime in the future if I am in a position to make these purchases, will I too become one of these people?

I never have had the chance to become a materialistic person, infact the materialism is what never really kept intact the family that I always yearned for. All the money in the world and nothing to bind it together.

Is the answer to this education? If we had pursued education rather than opening new businesses ventures in the gleaming light of making mega bucks, would my problem of today have been ?

Another aspect would be that of travelling, would it broaden my horizons and solved my problems.

I am both, not too much but not too less either, then I am still plagued with the issue of immaterial materialism. The dilemma remains….




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