Obituary and Legacy thoughts

The spectrum of life comes to a halt because of an incomplete transaction that led to remorse and death from inside. Anti-establishment and pure minimalism streak, not much can be accomplished or built in this attitude as your thinking of a solitary reaper who’s bringing nothing but value upon himself and no one else. Selfish endeavors bring upon a change of action, a twist in faith. The past has been about building a structure that will surpass generations to come but now its about me-me-me. Whats it about all this that is to say about establishments, its a daft dream, an artifice.

End of the day, its about the Obituary statement – I, Vaibhav Nahar, pass away on the day of 2067 in peace. I am grateful for the people who have been with me through the ins and outs and especially my wife who has loved me for who I am, the best and the worst of me , and at all times. I am happy to pass away and take the steps to heaven forsaken knowing that I have accomplished my endeavor of writing my memoirs and my journals while being on this earth. I have been instrumental in giving birth to this great race and have passed away my time without raising a concern in the people who walk this earth that a subject of their creator is in their midst. My creator gave me the role of the writer and told me that I will lead the people through my words during my time. I have written glorious words when I have been alive and I hope that they stay alive for generations even after I am gone.

I have to understand how to save my words even after there is a complete wipe-out of this earth. Shall I transmit the words to space and some other planet so there is a seedling of remembrance even after we’re all gone. I’ll have to leave a trail behind so that one can trace them back again.

Legacy is more important than establishment. My legacy will survive even after I am dead for generations and generations.


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