Vocab derision

I am at a loss for words and at a loss for quality words. My vocabulary is getting weaker rather than richer. Why is that? …because my vocab is my money maker. I need to improve it by selecting my media and getting influenced by it before its too late. I know exactly which media I need to read and which one to avoid. Movies and tv serials I must avoid at all costs. Maybe just a select few that I can watch on Netflix but nothing besides that. I have to remove the Tata sky connection from my room and divert it to the hall. Yes, that’s better. And also my fitness level needs to improve. How can I not improve my fitness level. It seems that I need to correct all this. I need to correct my coffee fix too.

Coming back to my vocab and my typing skills, I need to fasten it up and also improve my vocab…a lot of improvement is needed. I just finished the book Switch On and Im contemplating going back to the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy. What should be the decision, I am becoming indecisive. With everything, maybe that’s something that comes from my Father, he doesn’t have an opinion of his own rather than being strongminded about all that is there. Now with the rent coming in, he’s taken a backseat with all the burdens that are there.


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