Vision 2070

I am in a confused state. The job doesn’t give me too much of satisfaction. It doesn’t put me on an edge, to think. At the same time, it allows me to breathe, and I know its what I wanted and I got it. The dream of having less or no work and incentives. The problem is I don’t know what is my target. What is my achievement theory? Am I to follow up with my client list or what? Am I to wait for the account to get active and should read up on it before it gets out of my control? What does your gut tell you Vaibhav?

-My gut, which is something I have observed over the years is that something that you hadn’t¬†anticipated, will arrive much sooner than you imagine. So I have to be on the edge of my seat. Maybe to paraphrase it, it’s to break my comfort zone and do it. Now I am getting comfortable at the job but I need to break that comfort zone and achieve the next level. That’s what the winners do right…that’s what Tony Robbins says about these super successful hedge fund managers. To be honest, I haven’t gotten the first paycheck yet and I am thinking of possibly abusing my work ethic and going back to non-committance to anything and start doing something of my own.

My gut has not been wrong. My instinct tells me and drives me to what I want to do which is –

  • Write my books and get it published by a publishing agency. Self-publishing is tedious and lacks the validation that I would get from a publishing firm. If they validate my writings, they’ve been publishing books before I was born, so I need to get a publishers validation on my writings.
  • Write my magnum opus which is ‘The idea of a nation’. I will only release that book when I am dead that is most probably in the year 2067. So my idea has to be for 2070 period. Its going to almost be sci-fi
  • I must understand the Nazi movement upclose. I have to end up in Germany and understand the birth zone of the Nazi movement.
  • I have to be ready with my body before the time when I start my movement.