Influences in the daily grind?

Financial freedom in a lock of chains and the whole definition of freedom has been topsy turvy and financial freedom has just been chosen to be a mere definition of the times that we are in. Writing about real shit, I must break off from my comfort zone and write about it. For how much long will I be able to dupe people from the uncomfortable story and narration for something that I have not experienced ever before. If I am writing about a kill, a murder, I have never really experienced what a murder or how is it that killing a person feels like. How will I know what to write about when ive never realised what killing means. The narrative seems to come to a point where its just dragging and the plot seems unknown. Its not dark enough, it’s just another story. I am not a mercenary that will abandon my income source for the goodness and darkness of the story. I need to dive deep to get into the darkness of the story. The current plot is influenced by a day job of 10-6 with the usual commute along with other day job commuters. And the usual banter with wife and retired grand parents. This reminds me of the panic that set me in a few days back on the weekend of setting my parents good as I and Richa are the only bread earners now in the house. My mother is too an earner but let’s face it, she’s running a ladies bridal wear boutique which is run by every living person who’s there in the street. So my story can’t be affected on the story that I am building. Or maybe I twist the story that can reflect from my current life because I cannot understand where to get influenced from.

Whats the influence?