Seeking inspiration

Its hard getting inspired especially when your in a mundane environment that has a hotel receptionist toughie and a gym instructor for a team. A typical 10-6 grind with a bulging tummy and public transport commute seems to be quite a becoming for a typical household family with two kids and minimum wage zindagi. Whatever that can happen, needs to happen with me in a metaphysical form because im not ready to let go of the cushy job which pays my bills. In fact, I feel its liberating me to do things and I don’t have to be a mercenary or a puritist of any kinds when it comes to money incoming. Im not ready to gamble with me and my life anymore and want to approach with a sound but hopefully calculative way.

I am seeking inspiration and want to be inspired to live outrageously. I want to know that I can write and live a grand life like the ones in Bel-air with a grand house with all the space in the world and good food.

I need to find where to get inspired from especially outside of my comfort area, that is my desk and can propel me to go forward. I am also quite astonished as to how in only 3 months that I simply gave in to the laziness and sleepiness in return for a paycheck. From the outset, I am in a great place where I have a job that pays and doesn’t make me do much. Isn’t that the place where I wanted to be for a long time. Isn’t that the place where I wanted to be and started devoting time to learning new subjects, writing my book and getting fitter. I think it is.


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