I fancy myself as a free thinker vagabond who has been circled with people and thoughts that confine my spirit.

I chose to give birth to this blog to vent out my emotions and feelings about the world, free thinking, philosophy, culture, travel, business, books, design and anything innovative and anything that simply wow’s me as a person and plays with my aesthetic sense.

I have been writing for many years in my diary thinking of a non-disclosure of my thoughts, but gradually I have realized that the diaries where never a safe keep and the only safe keep for me is through the open source platform of this website. This allows me to break free with the enormous after thought of someone scrutinizing my words. Ironically, the open source gives me a sense of security as I know that my views is controlled and gives me a chance to be lost in the maze of codes and coordinates on the web, gives me a sense of security that my thoughts will be my own and not be read by anyone unless I tell them to.

Outside the virtual world, I have been striving for a perfect lifestyle for many years…on the side, I try to make a living building brands for people who want brands for themselves. I do take help from other people to get it done for me, but mostly have a supervision sort of a role to see that I get everything perfect for my client.

My endeavor through this blog is not to entertain or caress stigmatic thoughts, rather is to channel my own thoughts to bring oneness to myself.

Would still be free-spirited to criticism. If you don’t entertain my thoughts…well…i don’t give a rat’s ass.




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